WATER: As succulents don’t like to sit in wet soil your succulent is potted into a free draining mix that allows water to drain quickly away. When the potting mix has dried out is the time to apply more water. You can do this by watering from the top or by filling a sink or bucket with water and allowing the plant to soak up water from the bottom of the pot. Occasionally in the summer I will carefully completely submerge the pot and plants in water until all the air bubbles have stopped coming up through the water. Don’t water again until the mix has dried out.

PLACEMENT: If keeping indoors place your succulents where they can get at least 4-6 of natural light. If kept in too dark an area they will suffer from etioliation which simply means they will stretch out to reach the light and become long and lanky!

If growing your succulents outdoors I recommend protecting them from frost and excessive watering from the rainy season.

FERTILISING: Succulents don’t need much in the way of fertiliser but as with all my plants I recommend an occassional liquid seaweed feed in spring and summer.

PROPOGATION: Eventually your succulent will multiply and form small plants (pups) usually around the base of the stem of the parent plant. You can gently pull this pup away from the parent when it becomes big enough and push the base into free draining potting mix. Sometimes it will have some roots come with it but if it doesn’t it will soon grow them.